Difficulties With Problem Tenants?

As a property owner, one of the most frustrating experiences can stem from confrontations or disagreements with tenants leasing your property. Laura Darling Law, PLLC, offers the experienced legal advice you need to deal effectively with these issues.

Without proper legal guidance, you can spend months trying to evict tenants for nonpayment, only to be told that you have done it wrong and have to start over. Our firm can advise landlords with our affordable flat-fee arrangements, we can help you avoid problems with your case and deal with the eviction process for you.

For Landlords

We offer the following services for landlords of residential or commercial property:

  • Rental applications, leases and rental agreements, triple-net leases, walk-through papers and option contracts
  • Notices to cure a defect, 3 day notice to pay rent or quit, 30 day notice of termination, 24 hour notice of entry and other required service documents
  • Eviction proceedings and counterclaim defense, nonpayment petitions
  • Stipulation or order drafting, affidavits of noncompliance with order or stipulation
    Demand letters and follow up letters to tenants with proof of service
  • Emergency advisement regarding tenant complaints, code violations, town, village or city ordinances, and right of access issues
  • Representation of corporations, LLCs and incorporated entities that own property in court in accordance with N.Y. C.P.L.R. 321 (a)
  • Process serving and court fees are additional charges

Do You Have A Dispute With Your Landlord?

Chances are good that one in every tenant, problems will arise. Whether that be from an absentee landlord, disputes over security deposits, roommates that break a lease, not paying your rent or problems in your apartment, it is important to remember that as a tenant, you have rights.

Facing an eviction and dealing with your landlord can be unpleasant. Laura Darling Law, PLLC, has affordable flat rates for eviction defense and can help advise you on taking control of the situation.

For Tenants

We offer the following services for tenants of residential or commercial property:

  • Advisement and negotiation of leases and rental agreements, triple-net leases and option contracts
  • Demand letters to landlord or other tenants, as well as notices to cure and notifications regarding problems in the rented space
  • Eviction defense and counterclaim assistance, including negotiation on your behalf with the landlord
  • Emergency advisement regarding complaints, hazards, violations, received notices and wrongful evictions

Contact Our Attorney Today For Help On Your Landlord Tenant Issue

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