Do You Really Want Your Child Custody Case Decided By A Judge?

Child custody is often a contentious issue between parents. Whether you have never filed before, are thinking about divorce, or have been to court multiple times for child custody, many parents can tell you that it can be a tense and stressful process.

If you fail to come to an agreement on the terms of a custody order, a judge will choose the terms of your custody order, which is not the ideal outcome. Laura Darling Law, PLLC, can help reduce the stress and work to resolve your child custody, parenting time and visitation issues.

In New York, there are two types of custody for children, physical and legal. Legal custody allows decision-making power over the child's important life decisions, such as health care, school or education, and other issues. Physical custody involves where the child resides or who the child lives with.

Do You Need To Modify A Custody Order?

If your custody order is no longer working, you may need to obtain a modification of your pre-existing order from family court or another court (such as from a divorce decree or separation agreement).

If you need to modify an order, you must have valid grounds for the modification. You will need to show that there has been a change in circumstance and that the modification will be in the "best interests of the child." We can explain the type of evidence a court will look for in a modification request and help determine if your facts are sufficient to meet the change in circumstances and the best interests standards.

Who Is The Attorney For The Child?

In child custody cases, a judge will often assign an "Attorney for the Child." These advocated used to be called "Law Guardians" and they will be your children's assigned lawyer. This lawyer will speak in court on behalf of the children, so it is important to allow this attorney to have communication or access to your child as they request.

We Can Help Resolve Your Case

Most cases will settle. A few go to court, but that is expensive and few can afford that expense. This means most cases depend on a negotiated settlement, and you need an attorney who is a skilled negotiator to ensure you obtain an outcome that truly is in the best interests of your child.

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