A Down To Earth Attorney

Many people are intimidated by attorneys. They are intimated by the law and the prospect of working with lawyers. That is not the experience you will have at Laura Darling Law, PLLC. Our office in Troy and our attorney have a "small town" feel, and we work to set you at ease during our discussions. We provide the assistance you need with your legal matter, including showing what you can do on your own.

The Real Job Is Helping People

Our attorney was first interested in the practice of law when she realized how valuable legal knowledge could be to help people with their everyday legal problems that they encounter. Our firm is focused on assisting people in issues like child custody, child support, traffic tickets, real estate closings and landlord-tenant law. We also provide notary services at a reasonable cost.

We explain how the law treats their case and the relative strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to understand their prospects for wining and the potential costs. Our attorney develops a good rapport with our clients. She provides them with information that they can use to help themselves. We even provide "homework" for clients, deepening their understanding of their matter.

Supporting The Community

Our attorney sees the goal of our firm as genuinely helping her community. In addition, she sees the need to give back and participates in community events and volunteering. The firm also provides discounts to veterans trough the "Return the F.A.V.O.R. Program" (Find and Assist Veterans of Record).

Contact Our Attorney Today

It is important to respond to legal problems quickly. Ignoring a traffic ticket, or failing to pay child support can quickly turn into a serious legal problem that can become expensive and time consuming to resolve.

We can help Spanish-speaking clients. Don't wait, visit Laura Darling Law, PLLC, in Troy, New York, or call us today at 518-439-5000, or contact us online.