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Legal issues can develop easily. You have had a traffic ticket, are having problems with your apartment deposit or are struggling with a child custody agreement. Navigating the courts can be difficult and overwhelming. Laura Darling Law, PLLC, understands this confusion and frustration. We are here to help!

Experienced Family Law Help

We can provide advice on a range of legal issues faced by many residents of Troy. Family law issues, like child custody, modifications, violations, domestic violence and order of protections, child support, adoptions and modifications to support can all be difficult to deal with effective legal guidance.

We Help With A Variety Of Legal Issues

If you are facing a traffic ticket you may wonder if you can do anything other than just pay the fine. Instead, speak with us first. Our attorney can explain the penalties and the consequence of just paying the ticket.

Our lawyer represents clients in court and can help find the evidence you need to win your case. Our firm can negotiate with the prosecutor, often helping you avoid the need to appear in court.

Laura Darling Law, PLLC, can also help with your real estate closing, landlord-tenant law issue and provides notary services for residents in Troy, New York and the Capital District. Additionally, our firm helps clients with important estate planning documents, including advance health care directives and powers of attorney.

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It is important to respond to legal problems quickly. Ignoring a traffic ticket, or failing to pay child support can quickly turn into a serious legal problem that can become expensive and time consuming to resolve. Don't wait, call us today at 518-439-5000, or contact us online.